Dyeing education pedicures

Dyeing education pedicures

Nail art dye

Nail art dye
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OPI DS Sapphire on the tips

Morning :) Here is the mani I did using the OPI DS Sapphire, that I posted about yesterday. I started with a base of Wet n' Wild Black, and a coat of SV
Then using tape, of course, I taped my tips off, and used OPI DS Sapphire

My actual V-Day mani + an Uh-Oh

Okay, I started with a base of Professional 10, Pinky Promise and then using my black Konad polish and my Bundle Monster plate BM-209, I began with this.
I then added black tips with Scotch tape using Sinful's Black on Black
Finally I added a tiny cute pink bow on my ring fingers. I attached it with a small amount of nail glue, so they stay longer. I can tell you that it lasted through a shower & sleeping

Shredded Funky French....China Glaze Limbo Bimbo

Okay, I started with 2 pretty thick coats of Limbo Bimbo & then a coat of Seche Vite.
Then I took, my shredded mani idea, that I posted about recently, and decided it's been a while since I've done a black tiped mani, and thought I should combine them both! Now, this wouldn't be my fave color combo, but I did this while at work, so I didn't have too many options.
Again using Scotch Tape, this is how I got my tape all into position, after I cut the design
Then I placed one on my nail, making sure to leave the tips uncovered, and painted the tips black
When I removed it, this is what I got. Just repeat for your other fingers. Making sure to only do 1 nail at a time. Don't try to get them all taped off, then painted, before you remove the tape, or the polish wil dry to the tape and get pulled up upon removal.
This is your final result. It's actually quit fun, and could be teeth, if I used white as the tips, lol.


1.Start with a dark base. We chose this blue to reflect the original cover art of The Great Gatsby. The color we chose wasMOUNT ROYAL.
2.Make a fist and turn your wrist inward/toward you. Start making your first section at about the mid-nail mark and drag the brush upward toward the cuticle. (See photo 2!) If you put a decent amount of polish on the brush it should give you that rounded look. We used Cruising which is a great gold color and the brushes on the Obsessive Compulsive polishes worked great!
3.You’ll want to make 3 “swoops” side-by-side. I liked having the middle one be a little longer, but it’s up to you!
4.Once you’ve made your 3 swoops, clean up the cuticle area where you’ve dragged the polish by using a clean up brush and polish remover.
5.Now you’re going to repeat that process using a darker color. For this we used What Wizardry Is This? It’s a nice rich sparkly brown/gold. It doesn’t dry shiny which is really cool for dimension.
6.Again, clean up the edges before moving on to the last color.
7.For the final set of swoops, we used SpangleMaker which is the perfect sparkly metallic silver.
8.Clean up the edges!
9.For this step we grabbed an old worn out brush that was going to be thrown out and cut it down to about 2 bristles. They sell ver thin brushes now, but not quite this tiny. I always find you have to make this yourself.
10.Take a little silver or gold and run a fine line between each set of swoops to make it look like swag.
11.Using the same brush, make 2 or 3 tiny little lines off each swoop. It reminds us of headpieces that dancers wore in this era!
12.Now using our favorite dotting tool (the mechanincal pencil) to add the dots. We didn’t add a topcoat because of the fact that we’re working with so many layers, but you can if you want.

Tips and Tricks Thursday: Ombre Nails

Here at TPK we had so much fun with nails trends over the summer thought we would keep it going for Fall.
 Here is an easy to follow tutorial on how to give your nails a colored ombre look!

Purple Gleam Funky French

Okay, I swear I had writing in here, lol. Sorry guys, I don't know what happened, but I'm doing a quick re-do of it.

For this mani I used Milani Purple Gleam for the tips, and the brand 10, color #415 for the base color. That is DEF my all time fave base for my funky french's.

Pink Flowers & Pearls

Well last night, I decided to do a subtle male mani, lol. What I mean, is a mani that won't stand out to much to men, since I have a big dealer meeting this morning, I didn't want to do anything too crazy but still fun.
For this I used, a base of Essie Merino Cool, Pure Ice Busted over top & then did the stamping with Pure Ice Outrageous.
This was my final mani :)
I started with 1 coat of Merino Cool
added 1 coat of Busted
Then stamped with Outrageous
and then, because they were sitting next me, I added some ivory pearls in the center of the flowers, on my ring fingers.

Ummm....Nope! DO NOT WANT

This is one of those manis, that didn't turn out how I expected, but it actually looks better in the pics, lol. I received my set of new Bundle Monster plates a few days ago, and only had 1 night of play time so far. I saw what appeared to be peacock feathers, and since I'm kind of on a kick, I decided to use that image first :) Okay, well I started with a coat of black and a coat of Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal. I figured that all the colors in Turq. Opal, would resemble feathers better. I'm sure I would have liked this better, had I used different colors, and didn't eff up the design placement on my pinkie. It drove me crazy, lol

nails tutorials black tips

Here is 2 coats of Bubble Bath
I then taped off the tips, and used Wet n' Wild black. Since I'm wearing a coral shirt, I decided to use the coral seahorse, from the Sea collection of the tattoos. I love the way it turned out. So simple, yet so me :)
Oh and since it was my boss's b-day, I picked him up some balloons and goodies from the bakery, and saw this pretty little arrangement that I HAD to buy for myself, lol. It def cheered me up :) PS - I will be removing that IMO, awful bow when I get home :P

My Not So Practical Mani...That I am in Love with!!!!!!

This is the set that I bought
My Not So Practical Mani...That I am in Love with!!!!!!
I got these little nail thingy's at Sally's a while ago, and decided to bust them out tonight. I chose the butterfly to top off my funky french mani.
It might not be very practical, but I heart it sooo much! I used the brand 10 color #415 for the base and just my regular black for the tips.

Hello Kitty Funky French Nail Art thanks to Born Pretty

Here is another item that was sent to me for review from Born Pretty. It's their nail stamping image plate, M71, stamper & scraper.
Here is the mani I did.....How freaking cute is this!?!?1 You know what....I might actually leave this on all day! Yep, that's a record for me, lol.
Here is what I received. The stamper, scraper and the image plate
Most image plates have a very thin film that you might not even see. Just make sure to remove it.
and here is my nail stamping set-up, lol. I've taken control of one of our TV trays, can you tell. It works perfect though for stamping. Then I always make sure to have 100% acetone, my green coaster, for the cotton ball/pad soaked in acetone, image plate, stamper, scraper, and polishes I plan on using. Oh and after I took this pic, I decided to not use the Konad polish in white, but instead used black.
Grandpa, the pup, well 16 years young, we adopted a few months ago, just had to watch, lol.
Before I started stamping, I applied 2 coats my base coat of Brand 10, color #415, Pinky Promise
Now on to stamping. I used the flower image on the plate first, and used China Glaze Millenium for them. Then I used the cute Hello Kitty image, and Konad polish in black for that :)
Finally I did my black tips with Sinful's Black on Black and added a tiny rhinestone to her bow :)

My Comfort Zone - Funky French

I started with 2 coats of China Glaze Diva Bride.
Then I used one of my fave nail art supplies, my bigRuby Nail Tattoos. I cannot tell you guys just how much I love these. They are soooo easy to use, and being so thin, they lay perfectly on the nail. I used 2 of the pink flowers from their Garden set, which BTW, is on sale right now. You can find it here.
Then using tape and Sinful's Black on Black, I did my tips :) and added a little rhinestone in the center of the flower.

Katniss Everdeen, GIRL ON FIRE!!!!

 I'm sure you remember that Katniss's nails were painted with flames on them. So here is my tribute to her for tonight! Oh and since I am no good with nail art brushes I grabbed my tool, tape :)
For this I started with Sinful Black on Black on all my nails except my 2 ring ringers. On them I used 2 thick coats of China Glaze Electrify.
I then cut some fire/flames out of tape. I forgot to get a pic before I placed it on my nail and polished over it, so that is why the black polish is already on it, oooppps.
and here is the final result. I didn't do all my nails, like I vision hers being done, because I just thought it would be overkill.
Oh and YAY and side note, my phone just rang and I have the the Hunger Games whistle as my ring tone. Dork, I know.
Okay back to the mani, It was so hard to get a good pic, to show the effect and not have it distorted by the glare, but I tried :)
This is going to be the looooongest day ever!!!!